Employment Listings: Minerals Management Technician

Minerals Management Technician
Department: Tribal Realty
City/State: Livingston
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Karen Williams
Contact Email: personnel@actribe.org
Date Posted: Nov 4, 2021


A general knowledge of minerals development, Environmental regulations,

mapping, production and drilling reports, safety standards, seismic reading,

contracts, and the ability to assist the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas and

Tribal Realty Officer in all such related negotiations.


• Read, analyze and present summaries of all production and drilling reports

(oil and gas).

• Read, understand, and analyze all well logs, seismic date, and applicable


• Serve as a liaison between the Tribe, oil and gas companies, drilling

companies, and other related entities.

• Assist federal agency with reports, inspections, and any requested


• Organize and conduct tribal seminars to promote a better understanding

of mineral issues, such as leases, seismic activity, drilling activity,

production facilities/pipelines, environmental standards, tribal

environmental concerns, and fire/health/safety concerns.

• Conduct transactions necessary to represent the tribal interest, as follows:

ensure that all companies are complying with contractual obligations;

ensure that seismic crews are operating in accordance with applicable

rules and regulations; and assist in representing the tribe on drill sites.

• Attend meetings with all relative companies and entities as a

representative or assist the representative of the Tribe (as directed).

• Assist in the preparation of environmental protection plans for all tribal

owned lands and property.

• Assist in the preparation of fire, health, and safety regulations for the


• Maintain safety awareness for self and others.

• Knowledge of intended use and proper handling of instruments and

equipment needed in oilfield.

• Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


• A minimum of four(4) years of college or professional training in a related

field; (geology, geophysics, engineering, or land)

• A minimum of one (1) year of work experience and/or practical application

in a related field.

• A definable general knowledge of minerals development, including Tribal

Environmental regulations, leases, mapping, production and drilling

reports, safety standards, seismic readings, contracts, OSHA standards,

and the ability to assist the Tribe in all such related negotiations.

• Practical and/or related work experience may be utilized in the place of

certain listed qualification; and

• The Tribe shall reserve the right to "Indian Preference" in reviewing

qualifications and in the selection process.

• Must have a valid Texas Driver's License.

• Must pass a drug test and background check.


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