Employment Listings: Procurement Officer

Procurement Officer
Department: Procurement
City/State: Livingston
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Karen Williams
Contact Email: personnel@actribe.org
Date Posted: Nov 2, 2021


• Incumbent will manage, supervise, or perform work involving the

procurement of supplies, services, construction or research and

development using a formal advertising or negotiation methods; the

administration or termination and closeout of contracts; and the

development of policies and procedures for the work.

• Incumbent must be knowledgeable of business and industry practices,

sources of supply, cost factors, and other requirements and



Must have a broad knowledge of procurement policies and procedures to

plan, analyze, evaluate and implement procurement programs;

Incumbent must be able to review proposed contractual actions for

conformance with regulatory procurement practices; Incumbent must be

able to develop and implement contracts for services;

Write and develop policies and procedures and/or provide advice and

guidance to subordinate activities concerning procurement issues.

Knowledge and skill to collect and analyze data, relate data to established

guidances, and evaluate the significance of collected data necessary in

cost analysis and management.

Incumbent will be knowledgeable of financial practices used in business to

compare prices, including discounts and warranties.

Must be able to negotiate with suppliers and vendors to ensure the supply

of products or services at the approved price, time, location and quantity.

Must be able to evaluate, optimize and control all aspects of cost of the

procurement project, including but not limited to monitoring all costs and

ensuring that costs remain aligned with forecasted budgets of the

departments and projects.

Incumbent must have supervisory skills and experience in overseeing

department employees, budgets and inventory.

• Incumbent must possess excellent communication skills in preparing

reports and related documents including but not limited to updates,

budgets, invoices, bid tabulation sheets, lists, records and inventory; must

be able to interpret and explain department policies and make

presentations on behalf of the department at various meetings.


• Bacheior's Degree in Business and minimum of two years' experience as a

Procurement Officer or reiated position preferred. Minimum five years

work experience as a Procurement Officer or related position will be

considered in lieu of educational requirement.

• Solid knowledge and understanding of procurement processes, policy and


• Accurate and precise attention to detail.

• Ability to negotiate, establish, create and administer contracts and


• Abiiity to muititask, prioritize and manage time efficientiy. Ability to work

well with management and staff at all levels.

• Proficient computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word,

PowerPoint, Outiook and Excel) and ability to use office equipment

(copiers, fax, scanners, printers) and mobile devices.

• Exceilent verbai and written communication skilis.

• Possess a vaiid Texas Driver's License and be able to pass criminal

background checks.

• Performs other duties as assigned


Sick Leave




Worker's Comp