Employment Listings: Leggett Smoke Shop Manager

Leggett Smoke Shop Manager
Department: Retail
City/State: Livingston
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Karen Williams
Contact Email: personnel@actribe.org
Date Posted: Sep 27, 2021

The store manager is responsible for all aspects of the operation of the

Smoke Shop. In general, the store manager will set sales goals and

determine work hours of the sales staff, order inventory and maintain

security of cash and inventory in the stores. The store manager will

evaluate, hire and terminate employees consistent with all Retail Policies

and Procedures.

Arrange for the opening and closing of the smoke shop each day.

Train and motivate all Smoke Shop employees

Set monthly sales goals for the store

Streamline operations and maximize profit for the store

Perform monthly competitive intelligence with at least three other local

tobacco stores.

Report to Tribal Council on operations of the store.

Oversee inventory control and receiving procedure.

Assign non-selling responsibilities to clerks and others employed

Maintain clean, well-stocked store

Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. over head.

Performs other duties as may be relevant for the position.

Must have five (5) years of retail management experience.

• Must have an associate's degree from an accredited college or

university in the Business Administration or similar field.

• Must have a Customer sen/ice background and basic computer skills is


• Must be personable and people oriented.

• Must be bondable and willing to learn new software and equipment.

• Must have a valid Texas Driver's License.


Sick Leave



Worker's Comp