Employment Listings: Food Distribution Program Manager

Food Distribution Program Manager
Department: USDA- Food Distribution
City/State: Livingston, TX
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Karen Williams
Contact Email: personnel@actribe.org
Date Posted: Jun 7, 2021

Implements certification, re-certification and appeals procedures; provides information about the program and other social services; and certifies recipient eligibility; insures duties are in full complience with USDA regulations and FNS Handbook 501. Trains, supervises and monitors Food Distribution Program personnel. Maintains open communication with USDA personnel. Enters certification/inventory data on the FDPIR automated program and performs program outreach. 

Responsible for monitoring and overseeing fiscal program operations and planning appropiate program expenditures in line with budgetary allowances. 

Oversees and conducts the system for certifying applicants in compliance with federal requirements and monitors its activites, insuring appropiate personnel are completing and maintain accurate records for participant eligibility. 

Informs all potential recipients of program eligibilty requirements, application procedures and dates of distribution. 

Works directly with all personnel to insure the certification, nutrition education, fresh produce and distribution components of the program are in complience with required federal and tribal regulations, policies and procedures. 

May conduct interviews of applicants and obtains information related to certfication and verification of application statements. 

Oversees Cerfication of households as eligible/ineligible, prepares all necessary information for case files, issues ID cards, and schedules appointments. Prepares and completes all required certification forms prescribed by FNS regulations, FNS Handbook 501 and Tribal Policy and Procedures. 

Coordinates schedules for pickup and distribution of USDA commodity foods with distribution personnel. 

Implements all certification and civil rights appeals and fair hearing appeals filed against the Certification and Nutrition Education Componet of the program for the Certification Supervisor's review.

Oversees food demonstration/ nutrition program i.e., good choices of recipes and items selections, healthy preparation, and nutrition information.

Manages the overall information technology system of the program to communicate on-line with the tribal federal and regional officials for on-line product ordering and telephone ordering of the total food distribution program. 

Directs all staff and assists them with the completion of required reports, to include but not limited to, FNS 152, DHS participation report, monthly food orders, Commodity Acceptability report and internal report for administration.

Works directly with and trains the warehousemen to insure proper levels of food inventory are ordered and maintained with prescribed housekeeping and storage procedures. 

Designates personnel responsibilites for implementing the Plan of Operation, reviews and approves schedules, assigns report writing responsibilities.  

Ensures accurate and timely submissions of reports. 

Assists with the completions of the monthly DHS Paticipant Report, Annual FNS-101 Report and the Annual Commodity Acceptability Report on a timely basis for the Certification Supervisor. 

Assists with the coordination of all county DHS offices and area Food Distribution prorams to prevent dual participation. 

Maintains all active/inactive certification files in an orderly fashion and protects confidentiality of the case files. 

Conducts program outreach. 

Performs related work as required for the Food Distribution program and assumes other duties as may be relevant for the position. 

Must have High School Diploma or GED. 

Completion of an accredited secretarial training program and two-three years of experience in clerical work or any combination of equivalent education and experience. 

Experience in working with budgets and grant administration. 

Must have a Texas Driver's License. 

Must be able to pass a drug test.

Must be able to pass a criminal background check. 


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