Employment Listings: Clinic Director, Chief Kina Health Clinic

Clinic Director, Chief Kina Health Clinic
Department: Chief Kina Health Clinic
City/State: Livingston
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Karen Williams
Contact Email: personnel@actribe.org

The Clinic Director is responsible for the overall leadership and management of

the Chief Kina Health Clinic. The Clinic Director will report directly to the General

Manager and receive oversight and guidance from the Tribal Council. The

Director will also secure increased funding through grants, third party billing as

well as maintaining current accreditations. The Director will work toward

developing the clinic to accommodate future needs of the clinic and the

community while coordinating programs to provide quality clinical services to the

Tribal community. The Chief Kina Health Clinic is committed to healthy lifestyles

ana honoring traditional Tribal values to maintain physical, emotional and social



• Promotes an organizational culture that embraces the values of respect,

care, support, effective communication, teamwork, collaboration,

accountability, and responsibility; and works with all staff to create and

maintain a workplace environment reflective of such values.

• Works with the General Manager and Tribal Council to establish and

implement policies designed to improve the total health environment of

the Tribe.

Provides overall leadership and management for Health Clinic staff and


Develops, coordinates, and integrates Clinic plans in accordance with

policies, procedures and directives that provide Clinic goals and operating

guidelines relating to the administration and management of the


Liaison to outside agencies, volunteer groups, and individuals to improve

the total health environment of the Tribe

Works cooperatively within the Clinic, Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas,

Indian Health Services and other agencies as needed.

• Directs the establishment and maintenance of all healthcare related

records, data, and record systems

• Monitors dinic facilities maintenance activities in conjunction with Indian

Health Services, Tribal Maintenance and Construction Departments.

• Develops and implements all Clinic polides/procedures to indude

administrative, clinical, environment of care and orientation of new


? Plans operational budget and general goals and objectives of the Health


* Formulates the operating budget in compliance with Clinic goals, which

indudes budget preparation, review, monitoring and administering of

program budgets.

• Secures additional funding through grants and optimized third party

(Medicare/Medicaid, Veterans Administration, outside insurance

companies etc.) billing to supplement and enhance the Clinic operating


• Negotiates contracts for contract health services and third- party billing.

• Maintains and manages inventory.

• Provides advice and consultation on Tribal Health programs to individuals,

employees, and local, state, and Federal agencies.

• Keeps current on federal/state laws and regulations, which may impact

Tribal health programs/policies.

• Monitors contacts to ensure compliance with all regulations, reporting

requirements, etc.

• Manages the department, including but not limited to, general supervision,

performance evaluation, disciplinary procedures, leave approvals, time

sheets, etc., with applicable approval when necessary.

• Performs other duties as assigned by the appropriate person.


1. Bachelor's Degree In Healthcare Administration, Business Administration or

Public Health Administration. Master's Degree preferred.

2. Must be self-motivated, possess excellent organizational skills and be able

to effectively perform in a potentially stressful environment. Excellent

public speaking skills for presentations to Tribal Council and the general


3. Five (5) years experience in healthcare administration and management


4. Must be able to perform long-range planning functions, scheduling

resource use, and evaluation program progress.

5. Must possess a proven ability to handle confidential information with

discretion and adhere to and uphold HIPAA regulations, requirements and


6. Must have a valid Texas driver's license.

7. Must possess professional work ethics, manners, and appearance.

8.Ability to develop positive working relationships with others, including

members of the public

9. Must be willing to travel and participate in training as recommended.

10.Strong understanding and sensitivity to American Indian/Tribal culture and



Sick Leave




Worker's Comp