Employment Listings: Smoke Shop Assistant Site Supervisor- Reservation

Smoke Shop Assistant Site Supervisor- Reservation
Department: Retail
City/State: Livingston
Type: Full Time
Contact Name: Karen Williams
Contact Email: personnel@actribe.org
Date Posted: Jun 13, 2022

The Assistant Site Supervisor will assist the Store Manager in all aspects of the operation

of the Smoke Shop. He or she will assist in help maintaining the cleanliness of the

store, the property grounds, repair of all equipment, and help control/order the

inventory stock. The Assistant Site Supervisor will also need to help with securing any/all

money and stock in store while the Store Manager is out or unavailable.


• Must be able to Open and Close store per scheduled operational store hours

• Verify all money in store prior to opening for business

• Assign register to cashier per scheduled shift(s)

• Ability to close our register(s) and verify all money

• Ability to post all register(s) and print out reports for next day reporting

• Greet and assist customer(s) and meet their needs

• Able to maintain cleaning and stocking facility

• Assist/instruct staff as needed in the stocking/cleaning of facility

• Must be able to order product by build-to using the software available

• Utilize software to input product received and remove damaged/transferred


• Must be able to check in deliveries properly

• Issue purchase requests and process invoices for payment

• Follow policy and procedures pertaining to operations of business

• Make daily bank run for change and retrieve bank bags

• Ability to assist in working up and producing bi-weekly scheduling of staff

• Assist in performing weekly inventory with using of Tri Coder to scan in product

• Able to utilize system in setting up promotional items for customer purchase

• Knowledge of Rotation of product FIFO for freshness of product

• Set up files for new vendors and maintenance files

• Must be able to scan, copy, and e-mail documents to Tribal Council, General

Manager, Retail Manager, Retail Administration, and Accounting Clerk

• Assist Store Manager and cashier as needed

• Able to delegate job duties to non-management staff in cleaning and stocking of


• Ability to produce a Purchase Requests for maintenance or repairs at smoke shop

• Must be able to produce a Work Order for repairs by Retail/Tribal Technician.

As Assistant Site Supervisor, you must be able to provide and lead by example excellent

customer service, know your product, promote and generate revenue by up selling nontobacco items. Also, you will be responsible to train all new hires, and make sure they

understand all scanning procedures, completion of paperwork, policy and procedures,

and clock in/clock out

High school diploma or GED and/or related experience in customer service

Must have supervisory experience and knowledge within Tobacco industry

Ability to write routine reports and correspondence

Ability to handle problems in all situations

Ability to train and motivate employees

Knowledge of computers and office equipment

Have a good math background to calculate money

Ability to speak effectively before groups of customers and employees

Must be able to pass a background check and drug test

Must have a valid Texas driver's license


Sick Leave




Worker's Comp