Social Services

The Alabama-Coushatta utilize a well-planned infrastructure and far-reaching services to make the Alabama-Coushatta future—the tribe’s children—their highest priority. Most of these needs are met by the Alabama-Coushatta Social Services Program, which includes Indian Child Welfare. Read about the social services department, the steps taken to protect children, and the Tribe's Elder care below.


The Social Services Program began in 1989 as the Tri-Program Department. The program consisted of Education/Community Services Block Grant/Tribal Enrollment and was headed by current Second Chief Clem Sylestine.  In the late 1990's, it branched out on its own to become what is now the Social Services Department, to include the Community Services Block Grant, Senior Programs, and the Title VI Nutrition Program and Indian Child Welfare.

Protecting Children

 Through community involvement, the Social Services department is able to identify children who are "at risk" and can intervene with them and their families before crisis arises.  
The Social Services Program provides assistance in many areas which include, but are not limited to:
    • WIA Program for summer youth employment 
    • Crisis intervention 
    • Referrals to appropriate agencies 
    • Substance abuse assistance 
    • Child abuse investigations 
    • Disbursement of educational materials to broader audiences 
    • Financial assistance to families that qualify 
    • A Child Protection Team assists in the decisions concerning children in crsis situations

  For more information please contact the Social Services department  
  Phone - (936) 563 - 1250
  Email -


Senior Citizens

The Alabama-Coushatta have great respect for their Elders, and strive to ensure a high-quality of life for Tribal members in their later years. The Alabama-Coushatta sponsors a variety of programs for our Senior Citizens including nutrition, special activities and other supportive services. 

For more information please call the Senior Citizens Department at 936/563 -1337.
You may also contact the Title Vl Coordinator at