Chief Kina Health Clinic

The Chief Kina Health Clinic, aside from regular medical care, sponsor wellness programs for early detection, and prevention of endemic conditions such as diabetes, also provides dental care. With 14 members on staff, seven are original members. Read about the History of the Clinic, the services, and eligibility requirements below. 

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Indian Health Services

Operating Hours: 
Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

History of the Clinic

The Alabama-Coushatta Health Services opened on May 2nd, 1988 with ten staff members. There was no facility to house the staff and for providing services, so the staff took an empty residence and renovated it for a temporary health service building.  In March of 1989, the Chief Kina Health Clinic was dedicated in honor of Chief Kina Robert Fulton Battise. Additions were also dedicated in December of 2000. 

The Services Offered Include:

• General Medical Clinic
• Diabetic/Endocrinology Clinic 
• Immunizations
• Women's Wellness Clinic
• Dental Services
• Podiatry Clinic
• Nutritional Counseling
• Mental Health Services
• Community Health Services
• Preventive Health
• Injury Prevention 

Contract Health Services Include:

• Physician Services
• Inpatient Services
• Outpatient Medical/Surgical Services
• Eye Care
• Prescription Drug
• Alcohol/Substance Abuse Services
• Maternal and Child Health
• Physical/Rehabilitative Services 

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible patients are provided services and furnished equipment as deemed necessary by appropriate clinical personnel and authorized by current Indian Health Services (IHS) regulations.
To be eligible one must meet the following requirements:

For Contract Health Services/Off-site:
If you qualify for services under direct services and live on the Alabama-Coushatta reservation, or
1. If you qualify for direct services and do not live on the Alabama-Coushatta Reservation but reside within the Contract Health Service Delivery Area (Polk County) and are a member of the Alabama-Coushatta or maintain close social and economic ties with the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe.
2. Contract Health Services will be made available to students and transients who would be eligible for CHS at the place of their permanent residence within Polk County, but who are temporarily absent from their residence.
3. Services to adopted child, stepchild, foster child or legal ward of an eligible Indian and must be living in the household of the eligible Indian patient.