Honoring our History

Throughout history, the Tribe has been ruled by both a Principal Chief and a Second Chief who are elected by the people and serve lifetime terms. The Tribal Council was established in 1957 and is now recognized as the main governing body. The seven Tribal members selected to serve as members of the Council are elected by popular vote and serve three year rotating terms. The Tribal Council holds regular meetings twice a month to conduct the business of the Tribe.

  Principal Chief
Colabe III Clem Sylestine


Second Chief
Skalaaba Herbert Johnson Sr.

Leadership for the Future

The leadership of the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe works diligently for the betterment of its people. While conditions have improved for the Alabama-Coushatta since they were granted the rights due an official American Indian tribe, their economic situation weighs on the minds of leaders responsible for keeping a heritage alive and their constituency thriving. Like other small communities, they maintain that they have the right—and are best suited—to plan for their future.



                   2017 TRIBAL COUNCIL

(L to R)  Council Chairperson Jo Ann Battise, Vice-Chairman Ronnie Thomas, Council Secretary/Treasurer Nita Battise, Council Member Johnny Stafford, Council Member Maynard Williams,
Council Member David Battise, Council Member Obrey Alec